About BGT

BGT has been a story of continued success for over thirty years. In 1986 we began with a philosophy of providing young people with employment opportunities to reach their full potential and to provide employers with well skilled and suitable staff. While today, we offer a much broader range of services, our original philosophy remains as strong as ever to create positive life-stories for our local youth and the wider community.
Like many careers, ours is a story of change, determination and most of all growth. BGT now provide various entry level qualifications, employment and assistance programs to all members of our local community.

Our Why

We support all people to reach their full potential by providing skills, knowledge and experiences that gives them every opportunity to make a difference.

Our Vision

Creating success stories with jobs & training.

Our Values

Excellence in the services we deliver

Professionalism in how we conduct ourselves

Honesty in everything we do

Respect for all our stakeholders