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As a trainee with BGT I have learnt skills and worked with great people. The staff both at BGT and my host employer, Vic Roads are supportive and professional and there is a sense of care in the approach to our training that I was not expecting. This is setting me up to be an effective member of any work team. 

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We’ve been assisting businesses large and small to remove the stress of managing an Apprentice or Trainee with our proven Apprenticeship and Traineeship hosting services. With a BGT hosting agreement you can focus on the job at hand and let BGT do the rest.

Enjoy a smarter way of staffing with these tangible benefits.

Simple Hourly Rate

We manage all payroll obligations such as legislation, salary, leave and any other related paperwork.

Value for Money

The improved employment retention and success rates of BGT hosted employees, will save your business well in excess of the small investment made through the BGT hosting service.

Time Savings

All a host employer needs to do is meet their OHS and on the job training obligations. A weekly invoice that correlates to the employee time means a huge saving in the admin time.

Minimised Risk

Host employers are not obligated to employ an Apprentice or Trainee if the level of work drops or if their performance levels are unsatisfactory. Employees can be returned to BGT with no risk to the host employer.

Support Network

Know that your employee is receiving the necessary support and guidance through their formative years and able to address any non-work related challenges through our support mechanisms. Reducing the risk of non-work issues having an impact on productivity in the work place.


Finding the right job for your future is essential.

At BGT we can help you to get this started through:
  • Interviews on registration
  • Numeracy and literacy testing
  • We actively seek the right employer to suit you.

Our recruitment process will provide you with the best available options and opportunity to find that perfect Apprenticeship or Traineeship we have a large number of employers looking for the right candidate.

Start your career today by registering with us.