Thank you for considering to host a BGT apprentice or trainee.

Under the Group Training scheme BGT will employ your apprentice or trainee and place them into your business. In this way we partner with you to support and train the apprentice/trainee.

We take the legal risk of employment, giving you more flexibility and security. If necessary we can rotate the apprentice or trainee to other employers should the need arise, providing more surety for the apprentice/trainee as well. It is a uniquely Australian approach that offers a win-win for everyone.

BGT has almost 30 years experience in supporting and mentoring apprentices and trainees to complete their qualifications.

Looking to fill a position in your business?

We have a large selection of registered candidates looking for careers across many industries. BGT provides top quality apprentices and trainees who have all registered, been interviewed and completed literacy and numeracy testing by our Field Officers to ensure the best fit into your business.

BGT will:

  • Ensure flexibility and support businesses of all sizes
  • Reduce employer paperwork
  • Organise training
  • Provide recruitment and selection services
  • Shortlist applicants in consultation with the business
  • Assist with counselling, personal support and professional development of your apprentice or trainee
  • Allow you to keep the employee for as long as required.  We rotate the apprentice/trainee to another employer if you have a downturn in work.
  • Pay wages and invoice your business weekly
  • Perform all the administration and payment of income tax, superannuation and preparation of payment summaries.
  • Undertake all Workcover and Return to Work functions if your employee is injured
  • Perform an OH&S audit of your work site to ensure the safety of your new apprentice or trainee.

Register your interest in becoming a host business with BGT online or by contacting our office on 03 5333 8600 or 1800 643 593.