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I was surprised by how easy
the whole process was and that with the $12.50 being taken directly out of my pay each week I really didn’t miss it.
I used my matched funds to buy an iPad that my son needed for school. Thank you to ANZ and BGT for the wonderful course and being able to teach me these savings skills.


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Saver Plus is a 10-month financial literacy and matched savings program that assists people to build savings for their own or their children’s education and in doing so strengthens their capacity to save.

As part of the program, participants receive:

One dollar in matched savings for every one dollar they save, up to $500

MoneyMinded financial training

Personal support and guidance from a trusted community organisation

At the end of the program, participants use their matched savings to purchase an education-related goal, which can include items like school uniforms, computers, and text books.

By joining the program participants will:

receive a financial reward for their saving efforts – up to $500

acquire new financial skills

improve their ability to save in the long-term, and

increase their financial confidence.

Saver Plus expanded to 2018

Saver Plus was developed by Brotherhood of St Laurence and ANZ in 2003 to assist families on lower incomes establish a savings habit, become long-term savers and build financial skills, knowledge and confidence.

Funding from the Australian Government has enabled the program to expand from 20 to 60 locations in all states and territories in Australia.

Are you eligible for Saver Plus?

You must be over 18 years and have a Health Care or Pension Card and have some regular income from work. You must also have children enrolled in a school OR be attending or returning to vocational education yourself.

How it works


work with their Saver Plus worker to identify an educational item for which they intend to save

open an account with their local ANZ branch and begin making deposits

attend MoneyMinded workshops to improve their financial management skills

continue to make regular deposits into their ANZ Progress Saver account over a 10-month period

Once participants reach their savings goal, participants savings are matched dollar for dollar, up to $500 by ANZ.

How to apply

To apply or obtain more information about Saver Plus in Ballarat contact:

Sue Ogilvie – Saver Plus Coordinator (Ballarat Area)
BGT, 14 Hill St, Ballarat
03 5333 8600
Email Sue

Or for other locations around Australia please complete the online form or phone 1300 610 355.